Website Speed Test Server Locations – Site Speed Bot

You can test the loading speed of your page from 11 server locations around the globe. Our tool will provide you with a resourceful set of analytics about how your page performs in a particular world location.

You can also test your website several times, to see how its speed compares according to different test locations. You just need to click under Location To Test From? and choose from the options offered in the drop-down menu. Then, enter your page URL and click on Run Test. Come back to the home page and change the location as many times as you need!

Website Speed Test Server Locations - Site Speed Bot 1

Site Speed Bot test server locations include:

  • Australia – Sydney
  • Canada – Toronto
  • Europe – Germany – Frankfurt
  • Singapore
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • South Africa – Cape Town
  • South Korea – Seoul
  • UK – London
  • US – Los Angeles
  • US – Miami

Why test your page speed metrics from several different locations?

As you know, your website is hosted on a certain server that’s owned and operated by your hosting company. As data takes time to travel, your page will usually load more quickly for users who are nearer to the server where your website is hosted, and take a bit longer to load for users who live in locations far from the host’s server. In a nutshell, the further an end user is from the location of the server on which the site is hosted, the longer it will take for the page to load.

So, your website will take different amounts of time to load in different parts of the world. If your target audience is local, you may only wish to make sure that it loads quickly (and overall performs well) for users in your area. If you have a broader global audience, you may wish to see how it performs in several test locations, so that you can make the necessary tweaks to ensure the site is more fast-loading and user-friendly for users across the world.

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