The Fastest WooCommerce Themes

When it comes to retaining and converting website visitors, speed is key. The page load rates and general site speeds will drastically affect everything from your SEO ranking to the amount of repeat visitors you get on a daily basis.

While the web hosting service that you use and the reliability of their servers play the largest role when determining exactly how quickly your site will load for your visitors, the different themes that you can get also have an influence on the matter.

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What Makes a Theme Fast?

In general, themes that are more lightweight, that is to say, contain less code and have a smaller file size, generally have quicker page load times and take less time to respond to requests that were submitted by the visitor.

This is in large part due to the fact that themes with cleaner CSS usually use less CPU power and don’t overburden their hosting service’s servers. However, the Jquery factor also plays a role in site speeds.

Essentially, the “Jquery factor” is the influence that the JavaScript library has on page load times due to the large amount of code that needs to load and which slows down the site speed in the process. As such, sites that aren’t reliant on Jquery have better page load times.

While there initially do seem to be a lot of stipulations, there are actually quite a few themes that avoid all of these potential pitfalls and provide the users with a better WooCommerce optimized site as a result.

Here are some of the best themes that we could find that tick all of the required boxes for site speed optimization.

8. Storefront

Storefront's landing page

Being that this is the default theme that comes with WooCommerce, you can imagine that it won’t provide the largest boost to site load times or have the most innovative page customization tools on the market.

However, even though there are better choices, this is still a very fast theme that can boost the speed and page loading performance of any type of site.


  • Provides access to a lot of child themes
  • SEO-friendly
  • Great WooCommerce support
  • Easy to use customization features
  • eCommerce-focused homepage


  • There are other choices that are both faster and offer more customization options

7. Divi

Divi's landing page

The in-built Divi Builder that goes along with the theme is a great customization tool for eCommerce sites due to the ability to implement the WooCommerce pages and products into your own personal designs.

The types of page designs that the Divi Builder makes possible make it a flexible site creation tool for different types of businesses, not just eCommerce-oriented sites.


  • Plenty of customization options
  • Constant updates and new features
  • Provides great mobile-responsive layouts
  • Over half a million satisfied users
  • Simple to use drag-and-drop page builder


  • The CSS settings aren’t properly optimized for speed

6. WoonderShop

WoonderShop's landing page

This theme was intentionally designed with simplicity in mind. The seemingly minimalistic approach taken when building this theme allows easier site customization and faster page load times, thanks to the lack of clutter in the code.

Despite not having an overabundance of features, the theme is built with WooCommerce sites in mind, meaning that it has a very good conversion-optimized foundation, is very mobile-friendly, and even contains a cross-selling widget for displaying frequently bought items.


  • Add to cart functionality
  • SEO-friendly
  • Product filters that eliminate repetitive page reloads
  • Autosuggest and autocomplete product search options
  • Provides a 7-day free trial for anyone that’s interested in trying it out


  • Doesn’t have a lot of variety when it comes to the features that are provided

5. OceanWP

OceanWP's landing page

OceamWP is another fast WooCommerce theme that includes a large arsenal of different customization features and WooCommerce support options.

This particular theme has a large number of pre-built WooCommerce demo sites, easy to use checkout functionality, a product quick-view feature, and even an option for sales badges.

OceanWp has been around for a while now, so the developers are pretty in tune to what their users are looking for and are making sure to tailor the functions of the theme to best suit their needs.


  • Provides various product filter options
  • Has a shopping cart icon with a drop-down option
  • Displays details on sticky products
  • Has plenty of different layout and style options
  • Easy to navigate product quick-view menus


  • Not as fast as certain other themes that appear on this list

4. GeneratePress

GeneratePress' landing page

This is a multi-purpose theme that’s optimized for both speed and performance. While this theme was initially developed for sites that specifically have WordPress features, the large number of integrated WooCommerce options make it a good fit for a wide variety of different sites.

This theme also has a few incredibly useful and fun features. A good example of these features is the shopping cart icon with a drop-down option that can be added to the menu, as well as the “add to cart” AJAX button with a sticky panel option.


  • The file size is under 30KB
  • Optimized to be lightning-quick
  • The customization options allow better control over WooCommerce styles and layout
  • Simple to use product checkout functionality
  • Considered to be one of the fastest WordPress themes


  • Lacking in the features department

3. Astra

Astra's landing page

Astra is a very flexible theme that’s designed to be a sort of jack of all trades when it comes to site customization options. While the theme itself isn’t focused on WordPress or WooCommerce specifically, the features that it provides can make it an ideal option for either type of site, or any type of business.

Some great examples of WooCommerce oriented options that this theme can provide are the bubble icon that appears whenever there is a special offer, the pre-built WooCommerce demo sites, the off-canvas menu for product search and filtering, and the quick-view functionality for items.


  • The file size is just under 50kb
  • Doesn’t rely on Jquery
  • Infinite product scroll feature
  • Simple to use two-step checkout options
  • Great CSS optimization


  • Wasn’t specifically designed to be used for WooCommerce

2. Neve by Themeisle

Neve's landing page

Neve is a very good choice for pretty much every site, regardless of the exact type of business that the company provides. However, the specially added WooCommerce booster makes sure that eCommerce sites get a lot more out of this theme than any other business.

The theme is also specifically designed to run without having to use Jquery in order to ensure that the page load speeds are always as good as they can be. Add on the large number of different templates that the theme makes available, and you get an all-round great product.


  • Mobile ready and fully customizable
  • Has a conversion optimizer specifically designed for eCommerce sites
  • Comes with a free download option that allows anyone to try it out
  • Provides a large number of templates
  • Built-in AMP support


  • Not as many available features as certain other themes

1. Shoptimizer

Shoptimizer's landing page

This particular theme was specifically designed to work in tandem with WooCommerce sites and help increase their speed as much as possible. The theme itself helps boost eCommerce conversion, making it the ideal option for any site that’s looking to provide their users with the best possible online shopping experience.

Shoptimizer also automatically minifies any unnecessary CSS code in order to decrease the necessary CPU usage and help speed up the page load times that visitors will experience. You’re also able to use the theme option which removes the header, footer, and sidebars, and leaves the primary focal point of the checkout on the payment details form.


  • Displays a timer for the items in your inventory which are in limited supply
  • Provides a “Request callback” feature for more expensive items
  • Allows the placement of trust badges on items from your checkout pages
  • Important product information can be displayed at the top of the page so that your visitors don’t miss it
  • Provides an Elementor builder that allows the administrator to quickly customize their site by using the simple drag-and-drop features


  • Too many superfluous features for small eCommerce sites


Aside from speed, a good eCommerce site needs to have easy to navigate menus in order for the visitors to sift through and find the products easily, as well as tools that can help the site administrator to quickly make any necessary modifications to the design and layout.

All in all, you should definitely focus on themes that will provide your site with a boost in speed, but you should also make sure that there are a few other additional features that will help you in the long run as well – which is what the fastest WooCommerce themes on this list are all about.

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